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Have you seen brands publishing with short domain names? in order to add links in social media, or in their own blog posts? …. such as Virgin (, Techcrunch (, etc.

You need such a custom name, short and impacting, which resembles your brand! (your link is…) is a service by WebPresenceCare (previously called Virtuaza), and we are here to help you!

We search for an available short domain name close to your brand name, popular top level domains (tld) names for branding are country codes such as .me, .co, .is, .in, .at, .be, .am, or among the new top level domain such as .club, .site etc

If it’s a domain for sale, we negociate with the current owner and stay within your budget limits.

We install and customize Pretty Link Pro¤ (free version, or for pro features, you buy your own license with them) in your existing WordPress, or a new WordPress installation. We can setup WordPress multisite.


We install and customize YOURLS script (free script).

We’ll send you a video to show you how to use the link script. We can also setup a video call with you and your team.

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See the list of links using shortener, on sites run by PatriciaBT and partners (password = list).

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